Wednesday, April 26, 2017

trail time and stuff

i have been getting tons of trail time in. i get up on the trail every other day early afternoon when i am done baking and on saturdays. in between those days are my gym days for weights. karl meltzer was on the same trail as me a couple of saturdays ago. i went up to mount wire. found that little rock under my foot that looks just like a bear.

love spring blooms.

i planted some new little cactus plants. they replaced some other plants that had died.

the most recent think again study group was about climate change. robert davies came and talked with us.

i had a blissful time saturday going up to lake blanche. lots of snow, cool temps, blue sky and sunshine.

i didn't take any pictures on easter. i went with my friends henry and akbar to get a couple of briskets that akbar seasoned and smoked all night long. i lasted until 2:30 am. ha. i had to be up for 9 am church! the next day we had a big easter feast back at his house. lots of friends. lots of food. i made my white chocolate nutella brownies. the brisket was amazing. delicious... easter was more meaningful for me then ever before this year. that gift is one of the only things that helps me get through thinking of o's body being under the ground. i don't visit his grave very often because it really bothers me to think of him like that.

anyway, toodles for now loves.



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