Wednesday, March 29, 2017

what happened to bill?

i found a new home for bill at the beginning of february. he was spending too much time alone and i couldn't stand it. i loved having him here for me, but that wasn't fair to him. he is the cutest, most cuddly sweet dog you could ever meet. he was really getting he hang of running with me and snuggling me in bed.

it was hard decision, but i was having so much anxiety over him. anyway...i searched very carefully to find the right family for him. and i did! bill and i went up north one evening to meet them and see if it would be a good fit. (he definitely had several families who were wanting him to be theirs. out of those people, he met up with three families.) they live on an acre of beautiful land with a stream, two miniature goats and another dog. they have a big, warm home filled with 5 cute kids and they make homemade dog treats! apparently he has become huge. he picked a favorite out of the kids and he sleeps with her every night and follows her everywhere;)  i can visit him whenever i want. he is doing great and they adore him.

i miss bill, but i feel good about the decision i made and that i was actually able to make a decision about something. he was a good little companion for me when i needed him. i was his in between to help him get to his forever family:)



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