Thursday, January 26, 2017

long overdue christmas scenes part I

we had christmas at the house and headed up to the cabin the day after. we got up on christmas eve and rode scooters in our pj's over to the park cafe for hot cocoa and breakfast outside on the patio. we took a christmas tree up to heather(o's mom) and o at the cemetery. we went up mill creek canyon and played in the snow too. jules and i had a fun time playing santa that night and we about passed out blowing up all those damn balloons. plus they were really freaking bill out.

christmas day we went to church, opened presents, played with new toys... jules and i made a big dinner and my next door neighbor ed came over to eat with us. it was a pretty chaotic day and i just really really missed o. but, it was good and cozy too. we were just itching to get away to the cabin. i'm just so thankful they were here with me for christmas. the fry house filled with people i love.



ps we turned that laser light thingy on in the front room and had a dance party for a couple of hours. we had so much fun and we were dripping wet with sweat!

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