Tuesday, January 24, 2017


these are my friends john and diana and their mini golden doodle, indy. we took the pups for a little lunch time hike the other day.

me and bill on a snowy trail run after body pump class and before work. my legs were a little like jell-o.

i got my hairs cut. my bangs are fiiiinally growing out.

i spend a lot of time in tears these days. honestly, i am super depressed. in a dark place. we will talk more soon. i'm going back to therapy. literally everything seems overwhelming to me. and i mean every little thing. feelings are coming up that didn't expect to experience. i don't know if i can handle taking care of bill on my own. i don't understand the point of my existence. and i don't want to exist most of the time.

sweet dreams lovers and keep on keepin on.



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