Tuesday, January 17, 2017

a few things i've been baking...

me in a bowtie for an event i baked with elizabeth for :) i am a pastry chef!?


lavender espresso

nutella and raspberry

dulce de leche

cherry almond

o's flour less chocolate cake with local solctice chocolate

fat, buttery, flaky scones

amaretto chocolate tortes

earl grey shortbread cookies with local tea

dirty chai muffins with la barba espresso 

lemon bars
a variety of coffee cakes

i love to bake and i am really enjoying it. the owners of dolcetti, mark and elizabeth, are my dear friends. they let me be their third wheel for 5 dollars movie night every tuesday:) they are extremely creative and talented. elizabeth has taught me a lot. i am still trying to perfect my french macaroon making skills. they are delicate little bastards, but i am enjoying the process. i also make quiche, crostata, meat pies, brown butter chocolate chip cookies...

we saw la la land tonight by the way. i loved it. 

come eat some gelato and pastries!  also, i have a shit ton of blogging to do. christmas?! so many photos. 

i am having so much anxiety about so many things right now. i wake up panicked with my heart racing. but, that's a whole separate post. this one is happy. oh, jules and the kids moved home a couple of weekends ago 3 months early...

toodles for now.



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