Friday, December 9, 2016

meet bill + other goings on

i had a visit to my oncologist yesterday. it went good:)

jules and i went trail running this morning. i probably pulled a hamstring doing this for you.

i am a baker. for reals. a pastry chef. a poser maybe. but i do bake shit and get paid a little bit for it. i have a lot to learn.

bill and i have the house to ourselves this weekend. we are listening to the new phantogram album really loud right now. you're mine. i love this album.

meet bill. he hails from idaho. he lives in salt lake now. he adds to the chaos at my house.

angie came to visit for a few days! it was spur of the moment and very awesome. all except for when i was really ornery and mean. we got to sneak away for some trail time:)

we ride scooters a lot. we pretend to be a family of dragons. we all have dragon names. we ride over the dragon bridge and try not to let the dragon slayers catch us. we ride through the dark forest and get chased by wild beasts and spit fireballs. we make sure to make it back to the dragon cave before dark. it's basically the best. plus, my scooter is blue. which makes me the fastest drangon.

we went and saw the windows at grand america sunday afternoon. magical and impressive as always.

my christmas cacti bloomed.

to be continued...ya know, gotta post halloween, thanksgiving, disneyland and whatever else i haven't posted yet.



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