Thursday, December 22, 2016

goings on

ya know. jumping in the middle of the trail run.

i.  heart.  the rock. did i post this already? your welcome.

i burned the shit out of my hand making honeycomb. ouch.

been baking my brains out at work.


lovin bill + his he got his first haircut


building shit in my garage with mark and elizabeth.

what else?

pumping iron with jules. we do body pump 3 or 4 days a week with grit one of the days and yoga one of the days. every time i go running my leg is in pain.

a little christmas shopping at local boutiques

danced my heart out as a plus one at the moran christmas party with my friends

dinner with uncle hal and aunt sharon. and becca and nick and the twins.

mani with mom and jules this morning. our nails our now christmas ready.

wrangling kids non stop

and a puppy.



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