Thursday, December 22, 2016


we went to disneyland with kara, trevor and dylan at the beginning of november. i have only been to disneyland once when i was about 6 years old. we had a lot of fun. minus the drive down there. that was a living hell filled with vomit and horror. 

my favorite parts were when we took carlee and dani on tower of terror. i don't think kara or i have ever laughed so hard in our entire lives. carlee still loves telling people that she road on the tower of terror!  the epic fit peter threw while strapped in his stroller the first night. i got it on video. also the world of color is amazing! and i love space mountain and soaring over the world. 

it was equal parts exhausting and chaotic! kara made it so much fun for us and she is so generous and knows that place backwards and forwards. definitely some magic there too. all in all i think disneyland is the 7th realm of hell, but i wouldn't want to experience it with anyone else! plus, i had a good time.



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