Friday, December 9, 2016

december 6

i ended up having a really nice day on our anniversary. it worked out for me not to go into work that day and after jules and i got the girls off to school, i broke out all the photo albums i had put together while o and i were married. i took photos of some of the photos to post. we had such a good time looking through all of those old pictures. i have been posting an old photo along with a story on instagram every day from our wedding anniversary until the day of his passing on the 13th. it's actually been very therapeutic.

anyway, we then had a hard weight training day at the gym. after that we bought all of the stuff to make o's famous flourless chocolate cake. we went home, turned on christmas music, it started snowing and we baked his cake. then i went to see the fantastic beasts movie with my friends elizabeth and mark. when i got back, the nanny came over and jules and i went to dinner at manoli's and stuffed our faces.

all the neighbors ended up coming over when we got home and we ate said cake and reminisced.

we climbed into bed(just jules and i. not all of the neighbors. they went home. we are close, but come on.) and watched the photo discs the brothers made for the funeral.

it was a pretty perfect day. something very tender happened too. when i woke up that morning, i prayed to god that he would help me feel that owen was aware of me on our day. i asked him to let it snow. when it started snowing while we were baking that cake that o always baked for people, it felt magical and cried. tender mercies my friends.



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