Tuesday, October 18, 2016

g r a n d // c a n y o n

jules and i spent the weekend at the grand canyon! we left the kiddos behind with family. it was the annual trip that orion and o's other uncles plan. the weather was perfect! angie, brad and their boys met us there too. we camped on the south rim friday and saturday nights and we had about 30 people in our group. the uncles cooked up some really good meals. some people ran R2R2R, some people R2R from the north, some from the south, some to phantom ranch and back and some to plateau point...brad ran R2R2R in 12 hours with uncle mo. i was really wanting to do rim to rim, but jules wasn't feeling like she was physically prepared to go that far. no worries,  i stuck with her and we did plateau point and it was gorgeous. we had a great time!

it was an awesome weekend!



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