Monday, September 12, 2016

taos | i turned 38 on a full moon

a few of our outings from my visit to taos in august...
angie, brad and i came home to my place after great basin took a shower, hopped in their car and headed to my parents house in price to pick up the boys and head back to new mexico.

we hiked down to the manby hot springs for a soak. we would jump in the cold river and let it carry us down a ways and then we would get back in the warm springs! then we got some grub at taos mesa brewing.

we borrowed a 2 man ducky from our friend nina and paddled up river from john dunn bridge. needles to say, we had to portage some of the areas where the river got steeper and we couldn't paddle hard enough to move forward! we had so much fun that day.

angie read harry potter to the boys at night and i sat up on harper's bunk to color with him.

angie gave me a fun birthday! we did yoga with weights when we got up and then we left for santa fe to my favorite place for lunch. we went to a movie. we went hiking up in the santa fe ski valley. then we headed to ojo caliente to soak under the big full moon until they closed. i missed owen so much, but we had a great day.

on the last day, we headed up to angel fire before heading to clovis to see jules. this is the ragnar team i was signed up to run on. they killed it! i've run with most of these people before and they are so much fun. i was pretty down about not being able to run with them. i've never done a team run before and running on new trails would have been awesome too. maybe next year...

more new mexico adventures to report soon. plus some texas ones too! toodles for now.



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