Thursday, September 1, 2016

great basin // we have a lot of catching up to do

let us begin with a weekend in great basin national park with angie and brad the second weekend of august...

 a little rock with a little heart tattoo:)

we hit the road on friday mornin towing the rover camper with my volvo. which, pulled that baby like a champ. we jammed to some primus and sipped our cold beverages feeling good about escaping to the wilderness for a few days. 

unfortunately, the closer we got, the more apparent the forest fire burning on the other side of mountain became:,( wheeler peak was closed along with all the camp grounds that were up that way and the area where the bristle cone pines are. plans foiled. we still had a fabulous time. we just had to camp in another area and do a different hike. 

brad did a long run and linked some peaks. angie and i hiked the baker lake trail. i was and am still in my air cast while hiking. i miss trail running sooooooooooooooo much. all three of us did the cave tour and hiked to lexington arch. 

a cute little coyote visited our campsite. angie and i got to sleep in the posh queen bed in the camper and brad roughed it in his tent. we tried out the camper kitchen and it was stellar. we were able to have a fire each night and i really really enjoyed hearing about brad's good ole days. stories i had never heard before. 

it was just a really enjoyable trip and jordi's trailer is as awesome as you think it is! 

i'm feeling stressed out about some things right now and having a pretty emotional day today. looking through the photos from this trip has perked me up a bit. i am off to make some curry with lentils and cauliflower now. yum yum.

toodles for now.



ps last time i visited great basin was with my lover

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