Thursday, September 22, 2016

coons and such...

coons have taken over my backyard. and quite frankly, made a big mess that got me all worked up into a teary vulgar fit yesterday. reason eight thousand nine hundred and fifty six to have a dog. karl and joey set a trap last night and we caught one. i have a feeling we are going to catch many more. which i hate doing, but they are problematic and destructive. i'm that person who finds a spider in the house and coaxes it onto a paper towel and takes it outside and lets it loose in the garden. gag.

i'm convinced that a few of the best men on the planet live on my street. thankful.

the rose. a late bloomer.

jules and the kids arrive october 8th. feeling excited, but anxious about the preparations i have yet to make in the house.

currently listening to some of the new phantogram songs. i am looking forward to hearing them play in a few weeks.

on my morning hike yesterday, it was super quiet and no one was around. out popped a coyote right in front of me on the trail. gave me a good look before sauntering off.

i worked for my dad for 3 days last week at his cabinet shop. i love manual labor. i like to work hard and use my body and hands and get dirty and create. i did a lot of sanding. lets just say when i blew my nose, sawdust came out. my mom made my favorite stuffed peppers while i was there. i drove home on friday afternoon.

i had a fun weekend. my friend akbar moved into his new house and a few of us had the most fun over there friday night. of course he cooked us up some good food. we played this game and i laughed so hard and it felt so good. i love my friends. i got some good trail time in working some easy running into my hikes. the neighbors grilled saturday night and they fed me as always and we had some good rowdy corn hole competition. and sunday, well, i have developed a healthy hate for sunday. it is the worst day of the week for me. hoping that will change at some point. but as for now, i wish i could skip right over it.

been working with a financial consultant this week. getting my ducks in a row. i hate money stuff. i made my parents come up and sit in a meeting with me.

i have a friend named sharla. we are kindred spirits. to think we have been living near each other for many years and are just recently getting to know each other. timing.

i get to see mel and justin tonight. yay!




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