Friday, July 8, 2016

f r i d a y + weekend scenes from taos = picture overload!

here's the play by play...

front and center is thrash, our new friend

i arrived in taos early afternoon on friday starving. so angie, brad and i headed to el gamal for some curry, falafel, hummus and such. it was delicious. we met up with the boys and went to pick a few movies for the weekend at the video store and headed back to the house to hang for the night.

saturday morning angie and i baked. then we headed out and trail ran the devisadero loop. it was pouring rain and the sky was dark when we left the house. once we hit the trail the sun came out full blast and we got sunburned! then we met up with happy and tze to talk shop and check out the new building set up for the mountain bike shop, gearing up.  saturday evening we all attended the gallery opening for taos print shop where angie works. there was an awesome turnout! afterward, we walked with the kiddos and friends over to la cueva for some dinner out on the patio. then angie and i ditched everyone and went to see central intelligence at the theater. because, i can't miss a movie with the rock in it! and we laughed pretty hard;)

sunday tze had organized a 13 mile group run/ride on the south boundary trail. we left the kids with a sitter and headed out. angie and tze mountain biked and the rest of us ran. actually, tze picked up a 20 year old kid named thrash on a mountain bike on the trail before we started off and he jumped right in a joined us. he was pretty entertaining. i forgot my air cast and the last 3 miles were quite painful for my stupid leg. we had such a fun time. after we did the shuttle and tze tried to kill us with his crazy driving, we headed to taos ale house for some grub. then we just chilled at home, eating popcorn and watching the olympic trials.

monday we went for breakfast at taos diner. they make these huge, fluffy gluten free pancakes! after we were stuffed, we headed up to hike on the columbine trail. it was beautiful and the boys were in and out of the creek the whole time. then we went into red river to the fudge shop for a treat. they make those cinnamon roasted pecans, almonds and cashews that smell and taste so freaking good. it is such a charming little place. when we headed home, we barbecued, played cards and did some fireworks. angies house is up on a hill overlooking taos, so we had a great view of the city firework show from the front porch!

i got up at the crack of dawn tuesday morning and headed home. i always get so so sad on my way home. when i pull into my driveway, i just loose my shit and sob and go into my empty house where my lover is not there to greet me;( gosh, it hasn't gotten any easier. i've been pretty down the last few days. so, i have been keeping overly busy and today i am dragging my ass around and my leg is more painful than ever. grrrrrrr.  whatever, it's friday and that means the weekend is coming.

see you in august new mexico...

have a sexy weekend lovers!



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