Thursday, July 14, 2016

blah blah blah

i feel so meh. it's pretty exhausting to always have such a roller coaster of emotions. sometimes it is surprising to me what sets me off and i never know what i'm going to get when i wake up in the morning. i haven't wanted to be home almost at all this week. i get home from work and change my clothes and run right back out the door and don't return until after dark. i've been spending more time in the pool at steiner and on my road bike. vic has been teaching me some killer pool workouts. 

it's hard to organize or manage my thought processes. it's very strange. over the weekend i found myself screaming and swearing and crying out frustration with my thoughts and inability to function the way i wanted to. i try to stay positive and when the happy times come, i ride em like a wave and it feels so good. 

it's really really really really really hard not to have a lover. i hate it.

i got to see kimberly over the weekend. we went and saw secret life of pets. it was really cute and it was so nice to catch up with kimberly. 

i also got to hang out with cory and kara saturday afternoon. it was fun even though the music was the worst;). nostalgic though. they stayed over and went home sunday morning.

put my buffalo print in the front room and finally hung up my dream catcher. 

and, i have a rover trailer parked in my driveway! you guys, it is so cool. you should buy one! remember my little brother makes them. i need to start doing some weekend get away planning. angie is coming in august and we are taking it to great basin national park. 

i can't wait to see the new ghostbusters movie!

well, guess that's all for now. be nice.



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