Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sushi + pfeifferhorn = weekend scenes


picture overload;) i look like i got a gut in this last photo! he he

i made sushi and nigiri with christine and lehua friday night. yum.

took my friend, julie, up pfeifferhorn on saturday. i love that mountain. it was her first time up it and she rocked. being the speedy marathoner that she is!

went to a going away party for my friend jim saturday night. he did his residency and retina fellowship at the moran and he is moving onward and upward! he will be missed. he is such a funny and kind dude.

sunday i went to church and got some things done around my house. then i got to have sushi again, with zane beadles.  zane is joey and lehua's nephew. i have spent time with his mom and his brother and sister on several occasions. seeing as how i am the 5th wheel in lehua's family;) anyway, it was fun and he is very nice and down to earth and has the cutest dog i have ever seen and i am jealous.

i am doing my 3rd isagenix cleanse today.

i have been feeling very sad and lonely the past few days. crying myself to sleep. just missing owen so so much. it really is physically painful. it plagues me every day that i didn't get to say goodbye.

anyway, so looking forward to heading back to taos, nm for a few days at the end of the week. looking forward to some trail adventure with happy, tze, brad, angie and who knows who else!

toodles for now lovers.



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