Tuesday, June 14, 2016

spontaneity + desert adventure = w e e k e n d s c e n e s

my brother cory called me friday night and told me he was drawn for permits to go into the subway down in zion sunday. so, i woke up early saturday morning and got a good hike in. i ran into a good sized diamond back rattle snake! i had to back step quickly. first one i've run into this year. after that, i threw my stuff in the car and headed down to st george. 

i've done the subway both ways. with gear from the top down and also as an up and back hike from the bottom. we hiked up and back on sunday and had so much fun! my nephews are hilarious. i love hanging out with them. i'm pretty sure we spent at least an hour quoting scenes from the rush hour movies and laughing our heads off. we grabbed some mexican food in springdale afterward and i headed home. quick trip. totally worth it. and i'm heading back on thursday so we can do the zion narrows;) 




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  1. So jealous.... Glad you're gett'n out, wish I could say the same. Have fun in the Narrows! PS - love the photo of the Hyla arenicolor, great photo.