Thursday, June 30, 2016

random tidbits

i cannot get enough of these kevita sparkling probiotic drinks! i drink one every day. they are delicious and refreshing and low calorie. i think my favorite flavor so far is the  strawberry acai coconut, but i like every single one i have tried so far.

i bought a couple tickets for the phantogram concert in october. i really like their last album a lot.

i bought this belt buckle when i was in taos last time. it was made by a local artist. i finally took it to the village cobbler and had him put it on a belt for me. i love it!

my garmin kicked the bucket. my new one should arrive this week. when i was going up pfeifferhorn over the weekend, i kept smelling owen. and i was thinking, what the what?! then i realized that it was his watch band! i was wearing his watch and the band smelled just like him.

i got these new lamps for my front room back in the winter time and never posted this picture. they look pretty with the dusty rose pillows.

you know how my sister jules has a husband who is a dentist/orthodontist for the air force? well, he is being deployed to the middle east in october for 6 months. we are working on plans to live together during that time. this will be so good for me. i can't believe i get to be with one of my sisters and nieces and nephew for 6 months! what a blessing. and who am i kidding, what a big adjustment!?

i am hitting the road to taos! i will be there for several days and i am super excited! plus, i finally get to bring home my buffalo print;)

the relationships with the people you love are the most important thing in the world. along with how you treat people you don't know. be kind. be forgiving. give people the benefit of the doubt. and most of all, love and except people just as they are.

toodles for now lovers. have a happy and adventurous weekend. eat chocolate. have sex. climb a mountain.



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