Thursday, June 9, 2016

r a n d o m tidbits

i had acupuncture for the first time over the weekend. the jury is still out on that one.

i started isagenix a couple weeks ago. i have been doing the shakes and the ionix supreme every day and i have done one cleanse so far. the shakes are really good. i am noticing a difference in my stomach. just to be clear, i am not doing it for weight loss. i barely weigh over a 100 lbs. i am doing it for gut health. i think i am going to do another cleanse at the beginning of next week before i head down to zion for adventuring with my brothers and sisters.

i got an air cast at my ortho doctor yesterday for the ongoing pain and stress problem in my left leg. gonna give it a try after the pain lessens a bit more. i am dying to run on my trails. i have been riding my rode bike in the mornings which has been nice.

don't have to see my oncologist again until october. holla!

going to hear weirdo grimes play in august;)

hedgy is in major need of a trimming. bleh bleh bleh.

my mom came up to spend a couple of nights. she is at my house making me my favorite stuffed peppers today.

my 20 year high school reunion is this summer. i don't want to go.

i am itching to get back to great basin national park this summer. i loved it there and i will have the camper so...

my neighbor, ed, mows and edges my lawn every week. his wive died many years ago and i think of the loneliness he must have felt and feels often. it's time to bake that man a new batch of cookies.

tomorrow is friday

and then it's the weekend




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