Tuesday, May 31, 2016

h i ^ h e l l o

i feel like i am having an even harder time these days than i did earlier. it has been six months and i think the whole reality of it is setting in more and more. i long for the love and comfort of my little family and have definitely been depressed. i continue to run and push hard with my weight training at the gym to keep some sanity. i haven't felt like writing or seeing what anyone else is up to on social media. sometimes i can't function. mentally, physically or emotionally. i'm having a hard time at work. just going there and being there and concentrating. so the month of may has been a rough one. but, there have been good parts too...


my mom stayed with me thursday night and we made dinner and watched a movie. she headed off to idaho in the morning to spend the weekend with my grandpa.

at the last minute, i got friday off! in the morning i went for a trail run with my friends vic and kevin. afterward, vic and i went for some lunch and checked out our favorite consignment store. when i got home i worked in my yard for a few hours. i only made a dent in what need to be done! this gigantic poppy bloomed in my backyard! in the evening i caught a flick with christine, mel and moses. it was a good day.

saturday mornin vic and i ran to the gym, did a killer weight training session and then ran back. then i came home and packed up my stuff and headed down to the san rafael desert with lehua and fam for some kid fun:) 

we arrived home late last night because the traffic was insane!!!!!!!!!!

i am having some pretty bad pain in that left leg again. it seems to have flared up at some point last week. it hurts in my shin, calf, ankle and heel. i am going to have to rest it from running for a bit. not too long i hope, but it is even hurting when i walk and when i am just sitting. boo.  

i've been getting out on my road bike for a few rides. looks like i am going to be riding a lot more.

marissa has been coming over on monday nights and we make salad and tea and watch a movie. then we walk her dogs around the park two or three times. it's fabulous.

i still eat most of my dinners over at lehua's place. and they continue to be delicious! 

i can't wait for my annual sibling backpacking trip coming up in june! it can't get here soon enough. 

i watched all the seasons of the mindy project and laughed the entire time.

my stomach is a wreck these days. i am about to start doing these isagenix cleanses. maybe it will make a difference for me. i hope so! 

anyway, i don't know what else to say right now.

hope you are having a fab tuesday lovers.



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