Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ojo caliente + wild rivers = sisters weekend

post soak hair do's. i'm the smart one that put a hat on;)

jules came in to taos on friday afternoon and we started a serious sister weekend! we had new mexican food at the kyote club and went and saw the huntsman. saturday we went to the boys pine wood dirby so they could race their cars. after that, we took them to the taos invent event! angie's friend, nina, is the public programs manager at twirl. she is so much fun and so talented and creative!

after we dropped the boys off at home, the three of us headed to ojo caliente to spend the afternoon and evening hiking and soaking in the springs! there are so many pottery and arrowhead remnants there. so beautiful to see. after we hiked, we put our swim suits on and moved from pool to pool. the different pools contain different minerals and are all different temperatures. we soaked for hours and never stopped talking or laughing for a second. it was hard to contain our laughter and keep it to a whisper so they wouldn't have to break out the "sshhhh" signs! it was amazing. i absolutely hate that we don't live close to each other. we stayed until they closed and drove home and stayed up even later and had tea and watched a movie.

sunday afternoon we headed with brad and the boys to wild rivers at the rio grande del norte national monument for a little trail time. brad trail ran up top while the boys road mountain bikes. us gals ran down into the canyon to where the red river and the rio grande river converge. we sat on some volcanic rock right in between the two and put our feet in. we got a couple pictures with the self timer:) then we ran on the trail up the rio grande river until i saw the most perfect spot and it was begging to be skinny dipped in! so, dip the skinny we did! we got naked and jumped in. it was bloody cold and we screamed the whole time! it was invigorating and hilarious. we got dressed and hiked our butts back up out of the canyon. so. much. fun.  the end.

toodles for now lovers.



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