Wednesday, April 13, 2016

h e l l o from new mexico!

sorry to leave you all hanging for so long. everything happened so quickly and i have been really trying to be present and stay focused.

i am on a one month leave of absence from work for the month of april. my brother, cory, and his family came and stayed with me the first weekend in april and we went to support my nephew dylan at his motorcycle race out in the west desert. i am so glad i got to spend some time with them. as soon as they left, i packed up my mountain bike and few essentials and hit the road.

trevor made me run up and down a big hill with him

pit stop for dylan

i am staying with my sister, angie, and her family in taos, nm. i needed some separation from my home, the exhausting emotions, trauma and everyday reality to be able to find some clarity and work on some decisions i need to make. mostly, to do some healing.

it has been really great so far. i miss owen. a lot. it feels so good having family buzzing around me. to wake up to the sound of brad building a fire and then the boys getting ready for school and angie trying to get ready for work while wrangling everyone. i am basically just inserting myself into their lives and hoping they don't hate it!
i have been sleeping better. i am trail running. i use that time to focus my mind and sort through my desires, worries, hopes, dreams, possibilities...i talk to o. i talk to god. i cry. i smile. i feel grateful. i feel destroyed.

happy birthday number 8 ro man

angie and i have had some fun mountain biking on her day off. we heard some awesome live music at the taos mesa brewery last week. the band is called skydyed and it was their first performance on their first ever tour. i just happened to read about them in the paper that morning and knew i would dig the music from the description. i did dig it. electronic rock. we danced and were relentlessly picked up on. quite amusing;) rowan was baptized over the weekend so i got to see my other sister, jules, and her family as they came up for the occasion. us three gals got away for some girl time saturday night. we went to a flick and out for a late dinner and then for a midnight hike that was pretty hilarious! too bad angie and i woke up the next day barfing;( boo. why does this always happened to us?! we were down and out for 2 days. gag.

sometimes i pick the boys up after school, which is up near taos ski valley. one day i surprised them by heading to the taos cow for ice cream before heading home and riding bikes!

yesterday as i was driving home from my trail run, i got a phone call from my friend, happy. she saw me driving by and wanted to get together. so we parked downtown and she took me to lunch at lambert's. we had a really good talk. really good. she is going to take me on a new trail tomorrow morning. i met her and her husband tze and their kids, grace and matteo, through angie and brad. we have had some fun adventures together. it is no coincidence that i met them. after owen died, they sent me one of the most thoughtful care packages i have ever received. blessed.

i have been coming in to angie's work with her some days. it is such a cool space and i am writing from there right now. angie is getting ready to display her own work in the gallery soon. she busy printing right now. i am hoping to go to a ranch to shoot some buffalo with angie's camera while i am here so i can't make a huge print in the studio to hang at home.

anyway...the weather is way too nice today to be inside. we are a little more caught up now. follow me on instagram. i post regularly if you want to follow my adventures there! i will post here again.

toodles for now lovers.



ps sorry the photos are a random mess. i am building this post on my sisters mac and ugh!

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