Friday, February 26, 2016

f r i d a y^^^

post run smoothie bowl // bananas, raspberries, blueberries all frozen + vanilla protein powder + unsweetend almond coconut milk

art hanging on my wall // drawn by my niece and one of the best things i've ever received in the mail

a special gift // origami hand made by my sweet little friend grace. i love it.

bicycle nails // one of the lasting effects of staying overnight in a cabin at sundance with life long girl friends.

peacock // a coloring page i started after o died and finally finished on sunday night

noble // one of the faces i get to see across the dinner table from me most nights:) they keep me fed so i don't wither away.

i watched a ballerina's tale last sunday. it is the documentary about misty copeland. i loved it. she is incredible. she is a strong, graceful, athletic, beautiful female role model! she did not give up on her dreams. i definitely recommend it. you can watch it on netflix.

it's the weekend again! last weekend was good. i got to reconnect with two different groups of friends i grew up with and went to high school with. i had a fantastic trail run. i taught my sunday school class at church on sunday. which is really hard for me emotionally because o and i team taught for several years. but, i just love those teenagers and want to keep hanging out with them!

i've had some super rough moments too. especially at night. and at the most unexpected times. i was having a manageable day the other day and then i pulled into the garage after work and saw his motorcycle and completely lost it...

i am finally going to see hail, ceaser tonight! christine and i are making it a date and going to dinner somewhere good beforehand.

well, i hope you have a weekend filled with blue sky and sunshine.



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