Friday, February 19, 2016

barfing in colorado + other goings on

we found wax lips at the candy store in silverton and we went with it!


tried out a new restaurant with my friends mel and akbar last night. it was fantastic. zaferan cafe. akbar always knows where the good food is.

i had a sleep over with the lehua's dog last night! i was scared because of some weird noises. i was in bed and it was late. i made joey and karl come over and case the place. after that marley came over and slept with me:) i guess it is time for me to get a new dog.

i'm looking for an apricot, cream/tan or golden miniature golden doodle if you want to help me find one! i thought i would wait a while, but i think it is time.

marv came over and gave me a big hug last night. love him.

it's been one thing after another with my health the last couple of months. i will spare you the details, but it hasn't been good.

so, about the weekend. it was, well, it blew. it was supposed to be a fun, rejuvenating trip with my mom, sisters and their kiddos and it turned into a barf fest. i was so excited to get away and leave the nasty air and be with family in the beautiful colorado mountains! we had a condo up in the mountains between durango and silverton and we were going to snow shoe and go for runs... we met up in durango friday evening and had a great dinner and then headed up to the condo. put the kids to bed and then us gals played games and watched a movie. saturday i felt awful, but we all went to the pool and hot tub and the kids had a blast. then we cleaned up and headed to silverton for lunch and exploring for the afternoon. we picked up some healthy snacks for the evening afterward and headed back to our place. we played games and watched movies. my niece, carlee, vomited all night. i started vomiting sunday morning. we spent the day very sick with fevers, throwing up, running to the was disgusting. angie and jules ran into durango for some supplies and medicine and then poor jules ended up going to durango again in the middle of the night with my mom to take peter to the er for double ear infections! monday we all drove home. when angie got home both harper and rowan started throwing up too! ew. but, i am so glad i got to spend time with these people. there is no one i'd rather barf with;)

i am loving the warm clean air and the blue sky! i have had some good runs with friends and some good workouts. my friend jody joined my gym and she is a bad ass. so, i am looking forward to working out with her!

i am heading up to sundance with some girlfriends and we are staying in a cabin and having dinner at the foundry grill. i am totally looking forward to. i hope i feel well and can be happy. i am looking forward to getting a trail run in this weekend too.

i hope your weekend is filled with adventure and the people you love.



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