Friday, December 11, 2015

f r i d a y

this week seemed to last for. ev. er.

i used the ham bone and what was left of the ham and made ham hock and bean soup yesterday. it is so good with a big dose of hot sauce in it. i cooked the bone, ham and spices in the crock pot for 12 hours yesterday and added butter beans when i got home from work.

my friend/neighbor, christine, has been out of town all week. so i have been on after bath braid duty each night for her daughter sophie. we have had great conversation;) karl walks her over in her jammies, i brush all the snarls out and put in double french braids and then i walk her home.

last night o and i baby sat our niece hailey. so we had jack and sophie over too. they danced, jumped off furniture, watched a movie and ate popcorn with m&m's. i think it is safe to say they had a good time:)

 i got almost all christmas gifts ordered up this week. feeling much better about the situation.

i am still hoping for at least the rest of december to be white. i want a white christmas. pretty please. the snowflakes in the 7 day forecast keep disappearing.

ant man came in the mail this week! i am looking forward to watching it tonight with a big, hot bowl of soup after i clean my house. yep, i am old.

hope your weekend is cozy and happy.



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