Tuesday, November 17, 2015

trail scenes //\\ wintery lake blanche

 peaks // sundial, dromedary, sunrise and one of the twins in this panorama. not a shabby view!

 it was such a good day of running:)

i have been absent from the inter web for a while! lets catch up shall we...a couple of weekends ago i did a trail run up to lake blanche on saturday morning. it was gorgeous. 35 degrees, blue sky and sunshine. i talked with some cool people up top. i met a guy about my age who lost both legs just below the knee in afghanistan. he was super positive. he even gave one of his polls to a woman who had hiked up with her baby in a pack because it was snowy and really slippery in a few sections and she was worried about hiking down. he told her she needed more than he did. he moved to utah because he wants to snowboard. he wants to board in the paralympics.

he had a pair of salomon trail runners on his prosthesis. the same ones i was wearing. he asked me if they were comfortable. he said he couldn't tell and laughed! he puts thousands of miles on them and they are his favorite ones. i think salomon should have an advertising campaign highlighting some people like this who are out enjoying their passion despite hard physical limitations they could let hold them back, but they don't. no professional athletes. no athletic models. not in this campaign.

live life. be kind. stay positive. be grateful. recognize how good you have it. fear is the opposite of joy. you can find adventure if you want to. go get it. if you want it.



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