Tuesday, November 17, 2015

las vegas

mel and i went to the aao meeting in las vegas over the weekend to attend classes at the ops meeting. the ops is the professional society that we earn our continuing education credits from to stay current with our imaging certifications. we were part of a funny photo scavenger hunt on friday night. it was silly, but we had fun.

i ran into my boyfriend while there. well, a wax version of him anyway. mel took our engagement photo;)

we ate at a place called yusho on saturday night. it was a fantastic meal. i had the hamachi. mel had the pork belly ramen. we got a couple of appetizers too.

i won twenty bucks on the one dollar slot machine. it bought us 2 waters and one small toasted coconut gelato to share. sad.

we rode a roller coaster.

The end.



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