Friday, November 6, 2015


i jello molded one of my coworkers office supplies including his reading glasses last night. he was a good sport. and, i suck at making jello molds.

yesterday was arms and chest day with my trainer. she is evil;)

my butt and legs felt like lead on my run this morning. i. went. so. slow. call me crazy, but i love running early in the morning in the fall and winter. it is quiet, cold and magic.

going with my book club gals to try out current tomorrow night. i hear it is tasty!


i am making up a dish for dinner tonight with roasted butternut squash, hot sausage, sage, mushrooms...sounds perfect for the chilly fall weather. i feel some dancing in my apron coming on.

i am taking vic up a mountain in the am! nothing intense because i don't want to scare her.

kimberly is going with o and i to see the new james bond flick tonight. looks kind of dark? we shall see. we love us some james bond.

i have been watching audrey hepburn movies lately.

we had our friend jake over for dinner this week and its so fun catching up. he brought dessert from omar's rawtopia. i cannot wait to go there and try everything he makes! seriously so good.

have an adventurous weekend full of weekend sex and mountains and snow and sleeping in!



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