Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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kimberly has been preforming in east highs production of hairspray for the last few days and o and i went to see it last night. that girl can sing! she sang and danced and we loved it. it was so fun to watch her. i am so proud of her! i love being her mentor. so does o.

i made something really tasty last week. even though the photo isn't very appealing.
roasted a butternut squash
browned maple pork sausage
added sage, thyme, garlic, sea salt, pepper, red pepper
sauteed onions and crimini mushrooms into the sausage
cut the squash into large sections and served the meat mixture in side of it
it was sweet, spicy and flavorful
i steamed some kale and actually mixed it into my meat mixture. o hates kale so i didn't mix it into the whole thing. because like i've said before, i am a good wife;)

this little late bloomer in my front yard last week

o and i went and saw the new james bond movie a couple of weekends ago. it was super good.

i'm pretty sure we had the best sex of our lives recently. seems it is getting better with age. is that a real thing?

we are so excited for the holidays!

daughter is coming to concert in salt lake city!!! daughter! i never thought they would come here. o got our tickets already and surprised me early one morning right when i woke up. you should go too because they are fabulous and of course their label is 4ad. let's just go ahead and revisit this amazing song.

we had a dinner (friendsgiving) with a few couples at our friends recently and it was awesome. the food was fantastic and the conversation was the kind that goes on for hours and touches on bits of everything. we had such a great time.

um, toodles for now.



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