Thursday, October 22, 2015

trail race //\\ frary peak hill climb

 pc: o

 pc: barb

i ran the frary peak race on antelope island saturday morning along with some of my buddies. it was a gorgeous day for a race and i love small, local races. plus, antelope island is just so awesome. 

o came out with me and we saw the sun come up. there were lots of bugs and everyone was loading up on the community bug spray. my legs still got eaten up. 

anyway, this race is done as a time trial with 2 runners starting every minute. the trail is narrow so this works well. the race is up the peak and back down. i am totally pleased with my performance considering my limited time spent just running and i gave my best push. i finished in 1:21 for second female and no one has bested my time of 1:14. which means, i still hold the female course record. woot! i like it! they put me down as 30 years old. hah! i'm suddenly 7 years younger. no thank you. i do NOT want to repeat my thirties. 

good times had. toodles for now.



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