Tuesday, October 27, 2015

h a p p y f u l l m o o n + stuff

i went running very early this morning under the big full moon light. it was glorious.

i was barfing at work yesterday. it was not glorious.

kimberly and i made caramel apples over the weekend. some rolled in toffee and chocolate. some rolled in miniature m&m's for the neighborhood kiddos. we also watched watcher in the woods with o. kimberly had never seen it before. gotta watch the spooky movies in october.

we invited all our neighbors to go to the star party at the stansbury observatory on saturday night. we caravaned out there and had fun even though it was cloudy. o's dad showed how everything worked. then we all came back to our house and had caramel apples and tea.

i went up grandeur peak on saturday. i moved fast and it was fantastic. almost stepped on a tarantula. and, i ran into my cute cousin kate!

my book club gals and i walked to dinner at manoli's. i mean, if you are going to meet to talk a bout a book, you may as well have amazing food and in their case wine, to enjoy while you're at it! we are reading the gifts of imperfection and it is blowing my mind. and, quite frankly, so is the fact that these amazing, intelligent, funny, beautiful women are my neighbors and friends:)

i'm using a lot of commas.

o and i wandered over to strut your mutt saturday morning so we could pet all of the english bulldogs.

the full moon is my favorite.

vickie gave me flowers yesterday. i love her.

i got the lamb burger and had them hold the bun;) it was good.

toodles for now lovers.



ps i love october

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