Friday, October 16, 2015

^^ f r i d a y ^^

i've been having so much fun getting in a lot of steep evening trail runs the last couple of weeks. finishing just before the dark comes. the sky is all pink and the air cool. autumn. is. tops. i take my head lamp and wrap it on my wrist just in case;) the bottom half of my legs are all scratched up. i've been exploring some new ways, which has lead me to some good bush whacking. plus, i just rammed my leg into a low branch. ouch.

my nephew peter(jules little boy), had an unfortunate accident at the beginning of the week that fractured his skull and caused bleeding in his brain. life flight flew him from new mexico to texas where there was a neurosurgeon. thankfully, with lots of prayers from lots of people he was released from the hospital today without needing surgery. what an ordeal for poor jules and her little family. it will be nice for jules to be able to go home after a week in the same clothes and underwear sleeping in a hospital bed with peter. my parents will arrive at her house today and will be able to help out and she and petey can do some recovering. dani and carlee will be so glad to have mommy home.

kimberly went to her first homecoming dance! she looked so pretty. o and i had her over for dinner and went to the movie last week. we are taking her to lagoon on saturday night. frightmares!

i made the best curry last night.

and ate it.

i have six more weeks with my trainer. she is a killer. i love it.

i am doing something exciting in the morning, but i am not going to tell you about it until afterward. it could go way better than i hoped or it could just be sucky. TBD.

well, i don't have much to say today. have an exciting and adventurous weekend!



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