Monday, October 12, 2015

can i erase last week from my memory? at least some of it...

i had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy and all the fun and games that go along with that. it would have been a lot better if i could have had some time off work. i went 45 hours with no food. i was a beast. lots of biopsies. the ones up high left me hurting for a couple of days afterward.

our basement flooded. none of the drains were draining. we called on our insurance policy for our sewer line and it had been canceled! somewhere along the way o got a new debit card, so the expiration date was different. so, they just cancelled it. without contacting us. we had a plumber come and take care of it. he said it will probably happen again. we reinstated the insurance policy and are crossing our fingers that our sewer line doesn't need to be replaced within the next 30 days. the joys of home ownership. crikey!

on one of my evening trail runs above red butte, i was stung by a wasp. twice. in the calf, but also under my butt. so so so close to my crotch! it hurt! i wasn't even wearing running shorts. i had on knee length tights and i pulled the stinger out. it stung me through my pants. dirty bastard. i did not let it stop me from finishing an awesome, beautiful, steep run. i watched the sun set from way up high and ran down in the dusk. heaven. also, i am so glad it was only almost on my lady parts. it itched so bad the next day at work. i had to run over to the hospital pharmacy and get some itch cream and i only went in the bathroom to apply it fifty times that day;)

is started back on the chemo bexarotene. super duper.

work has been relentless. i can't remember the last time the imaging department had a full staff. our new imager(my friend) starts this week though. serenity now!

don't worry, i have lots of good stuff to post too! it's not all bad:) it comes in waves...



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  1. What a week - you guys certainly don't deserve it! Hugs.