Thursday, September 10, 2015

weekend scenes // spring rolls + lone peak cirque

on friday night i made spring rolls. i've never worked with rice paper before, but it was super easy and they turned out to be delicious. i need to work on my rolling and wrapping skills so they are tighter and look nicer;) here are the ingredients i used if you are interested...

fresh ginger
steamed salmon
rice cooked in full fat coconut milk
sweet chili sauce for dipping (TJ's is super)


on saturday i decided i would check out the jacobs ladder route to lone peak with the intention to get a feel for the trail and how long it would take and such. i was alone and i didn't get started until early afternoon. it was windy and rained on me off and on. i made quick work of the trail getting to the cirque in just over 2 hours. it is so beautiful it took my breath away. i got a little teary as i often do when i approach the top of a mountain because i just feel so very blessed to be able to move through the mountains on the trails the way i do. i know there are people who want to do these things, but are unable to for one reason or another.

anyway, it was incredibly windy and i new because of the time of day there was a chance that if i had trouble for some reason(i.e. if i twisted my ankle) there was a real possibility i could be navigating my way back alone in the dark on a trail i was not familiar with. that did not sound safe or fun to me and i was totally happy and satisfied and accomplished my goal for the day! i headed back with total excitement and anticipation to come back and make my way to the top!

the good news is, i will be heading back on saturday with orion. woot!

i got some good, steep trail time in on monday too and in the evening we ordered some red iguana with all the neighbors and ate it well we hung out on the front lawn.

by the way, my trainer is working me hard! she's got me doing things i've definitely never done before. she keeps telling me she can't believe how strong i am. that makes me happy;)

that's all for now. don't make excuses! push yourself and be nice!



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