Thursday, September 3, 2015

trail scenes + stuff

last night after work i met up with this crazy bunch for a trail run. they are all trader joe's employees. always the outcast i am. i'm just thankful they accept me;) we had a great time and my daily trips to the gym are paying off at keeping me in running shape. although, the pain is not improving. boo. it's always very painful the day after i run.

i just started taking neurontin yesterday. hopefully it will help my comfort level. the specialist thinks there is something wrong with the neural sacral plexus. i will be having a nerve conduction test and a neurogram. on exam i had decreased sensitivity and poor reflex in that leg. it was so weird to feel the difference when they would scrape metal on the bottom portion of my right leg and then scrape it in the same spot on my left leg, i could feel it so much less. hopefully we are onto something here, but it doesn't sound good.

anywho, i am re-reading Anne Frank.  o had recently read it and told me i should read it again. he said that anne frank reminds him of me a little bit. i am really enjoying it.

i have been drinking this detox tea every morning and i really like it.

all of the sod we planted along the edge of our driveway died. we reseeded. hopefully it will grow now that it will be cooling off a bit.

one of the imagers in our department is retiring soon, so we have been interviewing for her replacement. hope we find someone awesome and fun! we interviewed one of my dear friends for the position yesterday. we shall see...

haven't heard of any good new music lately, but i'm all ears.

i'm working with a trainer for the next 12 weeks on strength. we are really going to work on my hips and glutes because they are week.

we are planning to watch the utes game tonight. go UTES!

well, i guess this is a super boring post. meh.

tomorrow is friday and then it is a long weekend! mountains, here i come to have my way with you! damn the stupid leg!



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