Friday, September 25, 2015

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i was home not feeling tops yesterday. it was the first time i have stayed home since gussy died and it made me really sad. he was my fat, furry buddy when i was home sick.

kimberly came over one night this week and made us carne asada. her mom taught her how to make it. i will just say that it was fabulous! and she WILL be making it for us again. then the three of us walked around the park and she made us laugh and laugh. she will be playing lacrosse this year and she has a part in the play hairspray. can't wait to hear her sing!

i have gotten to know a few women from my church/neighborhood better lately and i feel so happy about it. they are amazing. i went to a women's retreat in midway a couple of weekends ago because one of them asked me to be on a panel with 4 other women that would be asked life questions and we would have to answer them in front of everyone. i never attend these kinds of things, so i guess they figured if they gave me an assignment that would get me there! plus, they made me bring o's famous chocolate cake for everyone to eat. anyway, i had to answer a few questions with the most serious one being, what is the hardest thing you have ever been through and how did you handle it? some of the questions were fun and candid and some were serious and life altering. the idea was to gain strength from each other and build each other up. in this world women can be so very cruel to each other and i just feel like there is no place for this kind of behavior online or in person. why break someone down when you can build them up. learning about others life experiences gives us compassion. if you are afraid of people that believe different than you or act different than you or feel differently than you or express love differently than you, you are missing out on getting know and love some of the most amazing people and i feel sorry for you. i say surround yourself with all types of people, find the goodness in them and then let that enrich your life in the best way possible. it's your choice. whoa, i wasn't expecting to go off on that tangent. anyway, there was some pretty hilarious lip syncing action in costumes that night too! good times. i will spare you those photos;)

justin, mel and i went for pedicures a couple of weekends ago and then we had dinner at pig and a jelly jar. it was right after i got home from going up lone peak, so it was kind of perfect. i was starving and my feet hurt. it was the first time mel or i had ever had a pedicure before!

o and i watched the new cinderella movie last week. i loved it! it is so cute.

i went up to red pine lake last saturday. there was i little dusting of snow about and the temperature was amazing. i always go up to red pine toward the end of september or beginning of october. well, i just go up there a lot because i dig.

my garmin kicked the bucket a couple of weeks ago:'( i'm hoping they will send me a refurbished one. this one is a cutie.

i wouldn't mind having one that displayed gps on the screen for when i am on new trails alone. then i could be sure if i was bushwhacking a bit or on a trail that wasn't marked well, that i was heading in the right direction on the way back!

one of our imagers retired last week. we have offered the job to a long time friend of mine. i taught her how to do retinal imaging 13 years ago. it's hard to believe i have been photographing eyes for the last 16 years! no wonder it gets old sometimes! it will be fun to have her join us here at the moran.

p is the lucky retiree on the right

this weekend is a full moon + and eclipse. woot! i will be front and center. kimberly is coming over on sunday to help me put my halloween village up and she will join us for the eclipse.

i am running in this crazy thing tomorrow! should be interesting and fun!? i am going up with my gal vic.

well, i guess we are caught up for the most part now. have an adventurous weekend full of dark chocolate, full moon adventures and some good lovin!



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