Tuesday, September 15, 2015


guys, i am ornery and don't feel good and am stressed about lots of things right now. i hate it when i am feeling this way. plus, i am in full on insomniac mode again which is insanely frustrating and could be the reason for the above problems.  i have been feeling anxious and nervous since i started taking that new medication which i suspect is the culprit of the not sleeping. plus, there is no improvement in my leg whatsoever. in fact, the pain in my foot and calf are getting worse. i am getting worried about the results of the upcoming tests. either that there won't be an explanation or that the explanation will be scary. plus my stomach is a complete wreck right now and i have to have another colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. and my right upper lid is going bald again! holy shit. 

whatever, life goes on and i had kind of an epic, fun weekend! i will post all about it when i get the time. but, i will tell you that this happened...


i am sitting on the very tippy top of lone peak. ya baby! setting mountain goals and reaching them. orion went with me and we made the round trip via jacobs ladder in 6 and a half hours! zoom! i will put up a post with all of the photos. 

plus, i may or may not have lip synced in a banana suit. 




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