Monday, August 17, 2015

weekend scenes \\ mount olympus + jules and the kiddos were here

jules and the kiddos came through town on thursday afternoon! they had been at bear lake for a family reunion with matt's family. matt went to climb in the tetons with his dad after the reunion, so jules came to visit us for a couple of days before they made the long trek back to new mexico.

we only got to spend thrusday and friday evenings hanging out. we played with the neighbors. karl has the cool backyard, so that's where we went;) poor carlee broke her arm at the family reunion;( the kids brought me a card and a stuffed english bulldog. pretty darn cute.

they didn't leave until mid morning on saturday and i had things to get done before a certain time. so, i opted for mount olympus because it is close and quick, but still requires much effort. especially in the heat! it was sooooo hot. hot as hell. good conditioning for my bod!'s monday again. boo hiss.




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