Tuesday, August 11, 2015

trail scenes //\\ twin peaks via broads fork

it was everything i expected it to be. big, gnarly, beautiful, fun...

i sent orion a text last sunday that said, "when we going up twin peaks?" and he text me right back asking if this weekend would work. hell's ya!

orion and his friend, pete, picked me up at 5:30 am on saturday morning and we headed up big cottonwood canyon to the broads fork trail head and started hiking. it was dark and quiet and smelled like rain. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. this trail is super gorgeous and steep. gaining over six thousand feet of elevation. we made it to the top in 3 hours. we were in no rush and kept a comfortable pace always stopping to take in the beauty(you know i will have to go back now that i know the mountain and see how fast i can do it right?) 

we saw the sun come up as we hiked and we ate wild raspberries from every bush we could see:) we listened to some very vocal coyotes howling and barking not far from us with dromedary and sunrise looming ahead. 

once we reached the ridge and were on the other side, it was windy and cold! we had to put our jackets on and our hoods up for the scramble to the top. there is a good bit of climbing and my hands were chilly! but, i was so giddy i didn't care. i get so freaking excited making my way up mountains like this. we were in and out of the clouds and they were swirling and moving so fast. we sat on top for a good while enjoying the views and munching on some snacks. the clouds never moved off of the pfeifferhorn across the way. 

we carefully made our way off the mountain and the ridge and had a enjoyable hike back eating lots of raspberries on the way. i had great conversation with pete. he is vegan, so we talked food and recipes a lot!

here are some photos from pete, orion and i...

guys, it was perfecto!

toodles for now.



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