Tuesday, August 4, 2015

trail scenes + tracy aviary

 trying out the salomon speed cross. i will see if i like them as much as the xt wings for technical trail. i love the xr mission for the lighter trail stuff. i have burned through two pair of each so far. the salomon shoes just fit my foot like a glove and they are well built, quality shoes.

i went up flagstaff mountain via days fork on saturday morning. i didn't see a soul until i was well into my hike down. the growth up in there was freakishly thick and overgrown! i stayed up on the ridge for a long time hoping to run into a mountain goat, but no such luck.

when i got home from the wilderness and went inside, o came walking into the kitchen to say hi and he had a sweet mustache! i was like, "what the what? you have a mustache!"(o does not like having facial hair much) and he was like, "no i don't? and was like, "dude, yes you do." then he walked over to the mirror where i hang my little back pack and started laughing and said that he did not do it on purpose. he was shaving really fast and then he just hopped in the shower and didn't ever look in the mirror. then we both started laughing really hard because he totally had a gomez stache and it was awesome.

then he shaved it and we went on a date. i took him to saffron valley. if you haven't been, go. now. it is tops! delicious. afterward we went and saw the new mission impossible flick. then we went home and yada yada yada it was a great night;)

we walked with friends/neighbors to the tracy aviary last night. $5 after 5 o'clock on monday nights through august friends! the aviary is awesome. if you haven't visited, you should.

so, we haven't gotten too much further with my leg yet. i do have some bone marrow edema in the tibia which explains some of the pain, but not all of it. not the pain in the rest of the leg. crikey!

i have something exciting in the works for the coming weekend. it involves mountains of course!

well lovers, hope your tuesday is smooth like butta.

toodles for now.



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