Friday, August 28, 2015


i have a very full weekend planned! i am looking forward to all of it, but boy am i a little tired the last couple of days with a serious headache. meh.

anyway, tonight we are doing the bbq and corn hole gig with all of our neighbors. my special deviled eggs are famous, so am required to show up with them:) christine is making her killer burgers. she made them for us at the cabin once and we have all been dying for her to make them again. tonight is the night! and i am hungry already.

i got o and i tickets to see meru at the broadway later tonight. i am so looking forward to it! psyched actually. i so hope jimmy chin, conrad anker and renan ozturk are there.

tomorrow i am hoping to go up lone peak with orion. fingers crossed.

and then

the best part. o and i going to sundance to ride the zip line under the full moon! woot!

i can't believe summer is almost over. it flew by so fast and next thing you know the holidays will be upon us! i love fall and winter and am totally looking forward to the cooler temperatures.

kimberly started school this week. she is a junior in high school this year! looking forward to her coming over to do her homework and study. we haven't been able to see each other for weeks because we've both been busy doing fun things:) our one year anniversary is next month!

i'm fairly certain i have a couple of new lesions creeping up unfortunately. i'm not supposed to see my oncologist until october, but i might be moving that up. the full body itching thing is getting worse too. boo. we will keep on keepin on won't we!?

have an adventurous and sexy weekend lovers! morning sex, pumpkin pecan pancakes, mountain tops and a full moon. yes. this sounds good to me.



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