Friday, August 7, 2015



i am headed up the twin peaks bright and early in the mornin! going up from broads fork with orion. hopefully we will hit the other peaks along the ridge too. superior, dromedary, sunrise...i have been trying to get someone to do this with me for forever. it's about time! i go up most mountains solo, but i just really wanted some company my first trip up the twins:)

my little sis, jules, wrote a children's book. she asked me to illustrate it. so i have started working on some sketches. it is fun, but i don't know if i am good enough to do some it? we shall see!

i want one of these hoody's from indy brand clothing. me likey a lot. clothes you can live in. bra-less.

also, have you visited leif? you should. all things beautiful. in fact, i started a pinterest board called wishlist because there are so many pretty thing there i want. this table runner. pretty. and this cuff. wowza. just stuff i know.

o and i have been going on long walks almost every night. it's a nice cool down when i get home from the gym. i love it. 

summer is fading fast and i can't believe it. went by so fast. i have been day dreaming about cooking warm comfort foods. chili. soup. mmmm.

donald trump is despicable. the things that come out of his mouth. just no. no.

gussy's hibiscus tree is covered in blooms in our back yard. makes me happy.

i re-potted a couple of my cactus plants and moved them to the back porch. they like it.

the work week is almost over! peace out lovers!

see you from the mountain tops.



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