Tuesday, July 21, 2015

weekend scenes...

o and i headed up to deer valley friday night to hear the utah symphony play dysney's fantasia. it was fantastic. they played the movie on huge screens on either side of the stage. it was about 66 degrees out. perfect.

saturday i felt kind of crappy. so i went to steiner and swam laps. i was bummed. then worked on the back yard for a few hours. we got cleaned up and went to dinner with o's brother and his wife at frida bistro. which, happened to be delicious. then we saw ant man! loved it.

sunday still felt crappy. made a super good quiche with asparagus in it for a very late breakfast. managed to leave the house to go for a motorcycle ride up millcreek canyon and we barbecued some salmon for dinner.

i just had zero drive or energy over the weekend. felt super down.

gus is really sick. we had to take him to the emergency vet hospital late last night. he is still there. they kept him in icu in an oxygen bed. he had an iv in and they have been doing blood work, chest x-ray, ultra sound and an airway exam under anesthesia. poor buddy. he hasn't eaten since friday and is so miserable. it was hard to leave him there when he was so distressed and scared. we signed a paper for them not to resuscitate him if his heart stops. we were crying. we brought gus home when he was 8 weeks old. he is about to turn 11. old for an english bulldog. we have had him over half of our married life. he is part of our little family. i hope they are keeping him comfy. i have been sending him positive vibes all day. you know your pets are going to get old and die, but it still sucks the big one. i will keep you posted...

chin up.



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