Thursday, July 2, 2015

weekend with grandpa and cancer stuff

i love this photo for so many reasons. i'm not sure who took it?

grandpa and dad looking under the hood;)
my grandpa built this yellow jeep and the kids could not get enough of it.

 my younger brother jordi and his cute girls;)

some of the pictures are mine and a couple are from my sisters.

o and i spent the weekend in idaho with my family working on my grandpa j's house. we put on a new roof, trimmed big dead branches off of his trees, put a new ceiling in a bathroom, cleaned cupboards and floors and windows, caught mice...we worked hard. although o and i missed out on the work they did friday because we both had to work and then head up that evening. we worked hard on saturday though!

we had a campfire and there were s'mores. we camped out in his yard. angie, jules, and i stayed up late by the fire with our nephews quinn and dylan to play cards. we laughed a lot. when we were done with our work on saturday, we jumped in the canal across the street and floated down a couple of time to cool off and have some fun!

we got to see grandpa p too and go to my cousins wedding reception. it was fun to see some of the pincock cousins, aunts and uncles.

i am still full of a happy glow from spending so much time the last couple of weekends with my siblings! they are real cool cats.

i saw my oncologist today. it was a good visit. no cutting this time! i have a lymph node of interest in my left groin area. i have changes in my lids and lashes. my eye lashes are falling out! i look silly. it has to do with the disease effect on the hair follicle. the only way to prove it is from the lymphoma and not another systemic problem is through biopsy, but we aren't going to do that. i hope they grow back! they are gone in the center of my upper lids so it seriously looks like a bald spot on both sides. boo. i have some other new symptoms in my skin that he also thinks are related to the lymphoma. stupid over active immune system. the skin is a huge, complex organ my friends! for now we will watch and wait for a couple of months. no active lesions right now. a very good thing.

the gates opened in mill creek canyon yesterday. so, i headed to the top of the canyon after work and hiked/ran to dog lake and back. the running hurt, but i couldn't help myself. the joy outweighed the pain. there are few things that make me feel the happiness i feel running down a trail. the wild roses were blooming like crazy:)

i plan to get up some mountains this weekend. i'm thinking back side of timpanogos, maybe pfeifferhorn. maybe something up at snowbird? definitely timp though, i think. have to take advantage of a long holiday weekend! i need to work on my yard too. we will take kimberly to dinner and to the movie. she got her first job this week! so proud of her. anyway...

have a happy 4th of july!



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