Thursday, July 30, 2015

trail scenes //\\ standing on top of pfeifferhorn and stuff

bzzz...back off biotch (says the big, fuzzy bee)

upper and lower red pine lakes

i took my little self up to the top of pfeifferhorn on friday morning. it was glorious. i had so much energy. i had to load up on ibuprofen to get that left leg going, but once that kicked in i was golden.(i have been working with a doctor on figuring out where the pain is coming from in my leg, but we are getting nowhere fast. he said that we aren't giving up. he is talking to some colleagues to get some other input. the people at mri know me too well at this point.) there weren't many people on the trail and you know i love that! i stayed on top for a long time and just enjoyed it. i never felt fatigued. i just felt powerful the whole time. that is the best feeling. i love the wasatch mountains so much. so much!

we had a bbq and fireworks with the neighbors friday night to celebrate pioneer day. o did some BIG fireworks for the kiddos. he had them draw names to see who got to light them:)

i hiked with vic on saturday morning. we hadn't been able to get together for a long time. we just hiked lambs canyon and then went out for breakfast at straw market in the aves. super cheap and very fresh and yummy. i had an omelet and took my cinnamon roll home to o and he was a fan.

we worked in the yard and i don't remember what else we did. i cried a lot on sunday because i missed gus. it was the first weekend without him and sundays were our slow cuddly day:'(  i was actually so sad that i took a nap. cyrie fry does not nap! it was the only way to escape the way i was feeling. man, it is amazing how much a pet can own so much of your heart. was a good weekend. i wish every weekend was three days long! hope your weekend was awesome.



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