Tuesday, July 14, 2015

scenes from the trail at snowbird...hidden peak //\\ mount baldy + other weekend happenings

 looking at hidden peak from mount baldy
looking at pfeifferhorn from baldy

looking to mount timpanogos and sundance from baldy 

i made o go with me up to the bird saturday morning. he chilled and read his book while i made my way up some mountains. little did i know there was a huge event called the dirtybird taking place saturday morning. there were soooooooo many people up there! it was chilly on top.

after i came down we headed downtown and went to eat lunch at spitz for the first time. mediterranean street food. o got a wrap and i got a plate with veggies, hummus and the lamb and beef meat. it was pretty yummy. especially the meat and those toasted chick peas! o really liked the wrap a lot. it is very colorful inside. it was a perfect temperature to eat out front on their patio.

we hung out with our neighbors friday, saturday and sunday:) ah, summer time. friday night i made some dinner and baked dessert for a neighbor(which i love doing) that had surgery and then everyone kind of spontaneously ended up congregating in front of our houses talking and sipping beverages. saturday we played corn hole at jodi and danielle's place and when it got too dark in their backyard, we moved out under the street lamp! sunday after church, lehua the kids and i headed up to snow basin with jodi and danielle and their little boy and jodi's parents to sit on the grass and listen to free music in the sunshine.

i still need to post the recipe for that banana bread i told you guys about! plus, i have been baking this amazing dessert. i have made it twice and given it all away and everyone has been raving about it. of course it is gluten, dairy and soy free. soon. i promise.

we live on the best street in the world. we love all these crazy, awesome neighbors of ours. we all take care of each other, except each other for who we are and where we are at in life and have a fun time always...it's as it should be.

toodles for now lovers.



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