Friday, July 17, 2015



i am super duper tired today.

my iphone fell out of my back pocket face down on the tile floor at work when i pulled my pants down to go pee, and. it. shattered. i was in the bathroom of course ;) i forgot i had in my pocket. damn.

harvey specter is hot.

i am addicted to coloring books with geometric patterned pages. i color in one every single night when i get in bed. it is so relaxing and mind numbing. i swear to you i have been sleeping better since i started coloring these pages. i fall asleep easier. i have almost finished a whole coloring book already! i turn suits on on my kindle and put my head phones in and just color away...

harvey specter is hot.

i am getting some new eyelash growth!

i have been taking 2g of arginine every day for a little over a couple of months now and i think it is really helping me. i take 1g right when i wake in the morning on an empty stomach and then do my work out. then i take 1g in the evening on an empty stomach before i go lift weights or hike. if i don't do an evening workout, i take it on an empty stomach right before bed. i have noticed a difference in performance, energy and i feel like i have been more balanced hormonaly for sure. i feel less moody and more energetic. yay!

i got new sunglasses. they are ray bans. fuchsia with fuchsia mirrored lenses. i love them. they come in a smaller size for my miniature head:)

o and i going to dear valley to hear the utah symphony play fantasia tonight!

haven't chosen my mountain top for tomorrow morning yet? to be determined...

have a magical summer weekend lovers! toodles for now.



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