Tuesday, June 2, 2015

trail scenes // mount raymond // other weekend pictures

o and i had dinner at sage's friday night after work. i had the magical wok with brown rice and mushrooms. o had the nut burger and hand cut fries. delicious.

i went to the top of mount raymond on saturday. still one of my favorites. there was lots of snow on the ridge leading to the top. i had the mountain top to myself. see the picture above with my finger pointing? i made my way down that chute filled with scree and snow and it was super fun and a tiny bit nerve racking! steep;)

brought in a rose cut from our garden

 more poppies blooming in the backyard

pretty weed

emmett and marissa smoked ribs and hens with homemade rub and we had a neighbor bbq saturday night. my deviled eggs with sriracha were a hit! as was emmett's home brewed beer with the beer fans. we had corn hole competitions until after midnight in the middle of our road. the police only drove by once. good, funny times with the coolest of folks around!

sunday was church, motorcycle ride and making homemade chicken risotto soup for our sweet next door neighbor ed who had surgery last week.

hope your weekend was happy.



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