Monday, June 15, 2015

goings on round here...bell's canyon | red pine lake | baseball | sushi burrito | baking

gave the sushi burrito thing a try finally with lehua, micah and noble friday afternoon. i was starving and it hit the spot.

made my way up to red pine lake on saturday. it was glorious. i had a slow morning with o. i made breakfast and we ate out on the porch, so i didn't get up the canyon until 11 o'clock and i had afternoon plans. had i gotten an earlier start and known how little snow there would be, i definitely would have made my way to the top of pfeifferhorn. i will head back up soon because it is a fun one! vic had to work saturday, but i will make her go with me next time. 

saturday mornin on the porch. fluffly, mini souffle's. 

noble turned 6! bee's game to celebrate.

i got the outside of the windows on my house washed. well, most of them anyway.
we went and saw jurassic world with mel and mo. it was fun. i dig the jurassic movies;)
i helped lehua get started on a project in her yard. 
i modified a banana bread recipe and have baked it a couple of times over the past couple of weeks and it is so good! i will get to posting the recipe soon.
we have loads of baby creeper (praying mantis) babies in our back garden. 

i took vic up bell's last saturday. she had never been and of course, she was a fan.

anyway...still waiting for my leg to feel better so i can get running and racing. in the meanwhile lots of hiit, weight lifting, hiking and bike riding...

i only work 3 days this week and then i am off to the back country for some backpacking! yipee!

toodles for now.



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