Friday, June 26, 2015

backpacking the east fork of the virgin - parunuwap - fat mans misery + pool time + siblings = the best kind of weekend

we all arrived in st george on thursday evening and had some slacklining pool time at my brother corys' house. pool time!

bright and early friday morning we loaded up and headed out. our brother jordi, who also lives in st george, wasn't able to join us. neither were teenage nephews, quinn and dylan. they were on a different outing. my nephews harper and trevor joined us and they were troopers! all the other kiddos stayed back with a babysitter.

our plans changed a little bit because of the 2 younger kiddos joining us. instead of starting on the mount carmel junction side and hiking through, we hiked in and out on the checker board mesa. we set up camp down in the canyon by the river and just explored and played up and down the canyon. we went up fat mans misery as far as we could. so so cool. it turned out to be a great decision. the dudes actually went back and dropped into fat mans from the top on monday, but i had to drive home and missed out:(

 i call trevor blue lagoon. right?

exploring and chillin

camping under the cliffs and the starry starry sky

it got up to 112 degrees the day we hiked out! it was hot as bloody hell. we didn't end up having to pump/purify a single drop of water while we were down there. we filled up straight from a spring. cold and delish.

 making and eating snow cones!

bed head cuties

when we got back to the house we lived in the pool for next 48 hours!

we cooked a big father's day dinner.

jord took me on a ride on his new road bike.

we cruised in the volvo with the music cranked up and jules standing up in the moon roof to get these late at night.

we drank a lot of diet dp and ate a lot of chips and salsa.

have a fantastic weekend and don't overheat! o and i are headed to idaho.

toodles for now lovers.




  1. What a bunch of beautiful wonderful people! Love them all:). The backpacking trip looks like it was fantastic fun.

  2. Awesome awesome pics and memories!!!! Can't wait to do it again next year!